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Water, Sanitation & Health

Over the last decade Exilda has provided several bore holes and water pumps in the surrounding villages of Mpika.

A typical Bore hole with suction pump costs around 3500 UK pounds and is the only source of fresh water for many villagers around Mpika.

In Africa many children drop out of school because they need to collect water or the school hasn’t got a basic toilet or it is just too far away.

Education is the key to minimising the onset and spread of human, insect, water and faecal borne diseases.

Where there is a lack of safe water and sanitation, it is children who suffer most. Their health, well-being and education are all affected.


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Exilda's Angels is a UK registered charity with a primary vision is to improve the lives, well being and development of the people of Mpika in North Zambia.

The main strategies are to improve:


The charity has also provided housing for the headteacher.

But…….the school has been such a great success that it has grown to 460 pupils and 10 teachers.

This means that the education of individual pupils has had to be constricted with some coming in the morning and some in the afternoon. The need has partially been met by the provision of temporary buildings made out of locally made mud bricks.

The success of the school can be seen in its results in league tables, 8th out of 350 Northern provincial schools, 2nd out of 25 regional schools. The hunger to learn is clear, and it now urgently requires 3 additional classrooms built to the appropriate specifications to replace the “mud huts” of the temporary block, sitting on mud bricks, no desks. The project to add three classrooms is underway – specification agreed with authorities, and fixed price quotations obtained. Click here. But we still need funds to finish the build. A Zambian charity, “Chita Charity of Hope”, has been established to manage the build and manage the funds required for each phase of building locally.

Another pressing problem is the need for secondary education. When pupils leave the primary school they are faced with a journey on foot, to the nearest school up to 10km away.

To deal with this challenge we are planning to build a secondary school on the site near the Primary school Click here

The charity was originally founded in partnership with UK registered charity "Lloyd's Register". As a non profit organisation "Lloyd's Register" encouraged it's employees to develop worldwide charity and community projects in 2010 to celebrate its 250 year service, the “LR250” Campaign

Since then many others have shared the vision and have been involved in fund raising activities.

For more of the history of the project click here.


With the main initial emphasis being on Education with the provision of a Primary School in Chita Village near Mpika provide education there and for the surrounding villages.

The originally planned school with 3 classrooms for 100 pupils was officially opened in 2014, having been built to Mpika Ministry of Educations plans and standards, by a combination of labour provided by the local community with specific expertise provided by local tradesmen. The children being educated there and have expressed their thanks for what has been provided. (See letters  and photos)

So why “Exilda’s Angels”

Who is “Exilda”? Exilda Mungulube was a resident of Chita village who had run previous

projects in the surrounding area and was the project manager for the building of the school.

Her mother donated the original parcel of land upon which the school is built.

Who are the “Angels”? They are all those who work to raise funds.


Exilda Mungulube

New: See the children receiving their “Teddies” made by the Exning “Knit & Natter” group

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