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As children from the Primary school get to the age when they have to leave, provision needs to be made locally for their secondary education, Currently they need to travel to Chibansa or Tazara which is a journey for some children of of 8 Km and over an hour (see map below). To meet this need a secondary school is being planned in Chita on land close to the Primary School.

It is a sad fact that many children find it difficult to continue their education through to secondary school due to lack of facilities. We are therefore committed to adding a secondary school in the near future to allow pupils to continue and further their education.

Land has been identified near to the primary school and detailed designs made. See right and below

Detailed designs of the 3 classroom block can be downloaded from here:

Overall        Elevations         Floor Plans         Section        Window Schedule

Chita Secondary School


Development of the Secondary School would be planned in several phases:

The 2 classroom blocks will be based on the 3 block design.

The land has been purchased. The costs shown are for construction of the buildings. Furniture and other equipmen (desks, computers, kitchen equipment etc) are the responsibility of the Zambian education authorities.

These children were educated at Chita Primary, close to their homes, but now have to travel to secondary schools in other villages.   

These plans deferred due to Covid-19
Project Plan for building the new secondary school buildings.
To keep to these timings we need funds

Follow the story of
Chita Village Primary School

Phase 1a Financials

Funding    Building                  Opening                       Links             Growth             Extension        Future

These plans deferred due to Covid-19
New timings being established