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The original Primary school has been successful but there is a need to provide further accommodation so an extension next to the existing school is being planned.

The nearest school was over 5Km away placing a huge burden on the local community to get their children educated, which is now lifted with the original enrolment of 100 children into Chita Village primary school ….but there are now 355 children enrolled so the 3 existing classrooms have to be used in “shifts”  and are supplemented by temporary classrooms made of “mud bricks”. This was built by the tribal communities as a “stop gap” until additional proper classrooms can be built.

Pictures of the “mud brick” classrooms are shown below.

Instead we want to provide 2 additional classrooms built to the same specification as those completed in 2014 as below.

Please donate to help us provide the new classrooms

Chita Primary School Extension


If you would like to help where the children have their lessons from

To this

Plans are prepared.

The land is already available